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PRESIDENT - Dan Horner

Dan has been playing racquetball since 2001 and immediately fell in love with it. He and his son, Benjamin, travel throughout the Midwest and to several National events, rarely missing a big tournament.  He works tirelessly to market racquetball for its continued growth.



In addition to being the racquetball coordinator at the Ankeny YMCA, Susan has served as the Iowa Games Racquetball Commissioner for the past decade.  She's also an AMPRO certified racquetball instructor. “The level of camaraderie in racquetball is amazing,” Susan says. “True competition makes both players better both on and off the court.”



SECRETARY - Taylor Shaw

Taylor is a Senior at Iowa State University majoring in Architecture and Environmental Studies. On campus she is also president of the Racquetball Club! "I love getting to meet new people and help those who want to pursue Racquetball."


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BOARD MEMBER - Richard Andriano

In recent years, Richard stepped away from the courts due to location, injury and time.  He has three kids and a wife that keep him extremely busy.  Richard decided to get involved in another capacity outside of playing, through maintaining and growing the sport where possible.  "I didn’t want to completely disconnect from the game that gave me great friendships and health for so many years that I played at all levels.  Consider it my way of giving back to a great sport."


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